Types of Marketing & Policy Research We Do

r h i z o m i c o n specializes in marketing research, surveys, ethnography, and multivariate data analysis. With over a decade of experience (formerly as thekvgroup), our specialization is high quality and cost-effective research tailored towards the client’s needs. We have the capacity to run web surveys and the ability to make sense of messy and problematic data through the use of a wide array of methodologies and algorithms in our toolkit. One project for a large foundation involved merging three datasets, a health survey, a behavioral survey, and epidemiological data from an at-risk population. While challenging and complicated, we were able to get the dataset properly conditioned and our use of advanced statistical analyses were used in an action research program.

We can develop a survey using solid measures based on our strong conceptual foundations in the social sciences and humanities. We also have the ability to engage in research projects in their entirety, from problem definition to report writing and all stages in between.

Marketing Research & Environmental Scans

Much of our marketing research has been in the area of competitor, market, and industry analyses. Dr. Kenneth Kambara’s interdisciplinary training at the University of OregonUniversity of California at Berkeley, and the University of California at Irvine allows our research to have a breadth and depth that is rare in the industry. Our work draws upon many conceptual fields, including anthropology, sociology, psychology, economics, organizational studies, marketing and consumer behavior, communications, and the humanities.

This background also allows for research to be contextualized within organizations with a nuanced understanding of how work actually gets done. For example, much of our marketing work in social media takes into consideration how an organization interacts with its internal and external audiences through the web. Who controls content? Who manages content? What policies are in place? What are the objectives and strategies regarding the web across functional areas? We understand that organizations have complex dynamics and aim to develop research that factors this in.

r h i z o m i c o n had extensive experience with environmental scans, conducting exhaustive research on competitors, the business environment, and practices.

Survey Methodologies

Our very first projects were email and web surveys and we still have very strong capabilities in this area. We believe in using measures that have strong psychometric properties and steeped in conceptual foundations. Why? It increases the validity of the research. Dr. Kambara studied under Lynn Kahle at the Lundquist College at the University of Oregon, a survey methodology and social psychology expert. We are currently engaging in survey work on brandssustainable agriculture, and social movements.

À la folie-Telegraph & Alcatraz, OaklandEthnographies & Qualitative Data Analysis

r h i z o m i c o n uses a grounded theory approach with its ethnographies. We strongly believe in developing a sound conceptual model of the focal phenomenon, iteratively going back and forth between social science theory and data. We have experience is with visual ethnography in both physical (bricks and mortar) and online retail spaces. Our experience involves integrating concepts from anthropology, environmental psychology, information technology, and film studies.

We also have expertise in analyzing text data and coding responses within a grounded theory framework.

Archival & Secondary Research

We have deep knowledge across the fields of health, economics, business, media, politics, and social issues and this can be used to support assertions, factcheck, and refine storylines. Our experience with the creative industry is further bolstered by our participation in it, in terms of providing research that helps productions with their stories through better information and improved accuracy. Our current work in this area is available here.

Much of our work uses existing sources of data and we have compiled and have access to a myriad of datasets. We can rapidly compile articles and data, analyze them, and synthesize the findings in a readily digestible format in plain language.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Research

We are finding that our GIS research is some of the most interesting work we have been engaging in. The spatial visualization of data is often very informative, particularly when layering different data with a focal phenomenon. The use of GIS maps can help identify opportunities, problems, and track trends. Much of our work in this area is in political campaign research detailed here.


Multivariate Analyses

r h i z o m i c o n uses common tools such as regression (general linear model) and factor analysis, but we have developed specialization in the following areas:

  • Structural equations modeling (Partial least squares and maximum likelihood)
  • Cluster analysis (k-means)
  • Social network analyses & graphs for relational datasets

We also have experience working with logistic regression, hazard/survival models, and discriminant analysis. r h i z o m i c o n is a SPSS shop currently using v18 for the Mac.

Global Advanced Sourcing

Our work with Fredrik Danell-Johansson, MA examined global strategy in telecommunications technology, as it pertains to advanced sourcing of technology, R&D, and talents in China. This research synthesizes the dynamic capabilities view of strategic management with the concept of cultural embeddedness from economic sociology. Mr. Danell Johansson worked on two white papers with us.

Open Source Software Tools

We are committed to using open source technologies when feasible to limit costs and to support open source endeavors. We currently use the following open source software:

  1. MapWindow v.4.8.1 on Macbook 3,1 using Windows XP Pro & VMWare Fusion v.2.0.6 virtualization.
  2. Orange v.2.0b on Macbook 3,1 Core 2 Duo using Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.8)
  3. SmartPLS v.2.0 M3 on Macbook 3,1 using Windows XP Pro v. 2002 SP2 & VMWare Fusion v.2.0.6 virtualization.

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