Research for Entertainment Productions

Vidcap of Brian Kemble & Fred Strauss in film produced for The Ruth Bancroft Garden, Fall 2012.

rhizomicon does research for film and television productions in the areas of health, business, economics, media, politics, and social issues.  We are well versed in all of the above areas and can find information, statistics, popular culture references, Internet memes, fact check, verify sources, and determine attribution of quotes. Currently, we are  affiliated with NegativeSpace Productions, LLC, an indie production house based in California.

Original Screenplays

Matthew W.Vickers and Kenneth M. Kambara have co-written seven spec screenplays across several genres. We have placed as a quarterfinalist in the Nicholl Fellowship, run by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars) in 2012 for our screenplay, w h o r l. Our work has made it twice to the quarterfinalist stage in the Fade In Awards, a semifinalist (top 2%) in the American Screenwriting Competition, and three submissions made it into the finalist category (top twenty screenplays) in The Writers Place Screenwriting Contest.

When Detectives Trevor Maddox and Amy Lee are called to investigate a string of “goth kid” murders, they quickly discover that the man that they’re hunting believes he’s been killing vampires. Worse yet, Amy may be dating the killer. Can the killer be stopped before more innocent lives are taken? Or, is the killer right, and he’s really been protecting innocent lives by laying waste to the evil undead. Prism is a thriller about a man who truly believes that he is saving mankind, and the thin line that separates our beliefs from reality.

Dalton Hunter is the envy of his peers. He’s young, successful, and has every toy a guy could want. So, why does he kill himself? Ever since he walked in on his best friends making love, Dalton hasn’t been able to get the thought out of his mind—could he be a part of it? In an effort to chase away what he knows are unhealthy thoughts, Dalton finds himself gradually immersed into the world of bizarre sexual obscenities, and finds a new destructive friendship with Mort, a coworker who leads him to Club Cocytus—a place where anything goes…even if those things make you want to vomit. Club Cocytus makes Dalton realize how normal he really is, but when he reveals his feelings to his friends and they reject his love, Dalton will take his own life and frame them for his murder. Whorl, a psychosexual film noir, is the story of one man’s downward spiral and the horrific revenge he exacts against the only two real friends he ever had.

In order to prove himself as a legitimate writer, Laws Tyler must return to the poverty-ridden town that he vowed to leave forever. His journey threatens to destroy his marriage and his life until circumstances lead to an impromptu interview with Daniel Bennett—a murderer that may have answers to his sister’s disappearance twenty years ago. Daniel did not want to kill his best friend, Dagger. But, when Dagger attempted to interfere with Daniel’s carefully planned revenge, he didn’t have much choice. Now Daniel has the leverage that he needs to demand a conversation with Laws, so he can share the dark secret that has plagued his mind for almost twenty years. Daniel's Laws is a dramatic thriller about how a person can change themselves, but not the others around them.

What if a horribly abused mentally retarded man was taken out of a world filled with pain and suffering to undergo an experimental treatment that would repair his mental handicap? Wouldn’t he be the luckiest man on Earth? He doesn’t think so. Phineas Goodman is a heart-wrenching drama and touching love story of a man who undergoes such a treatment, only to find that with his newfound intellect, comes intense clarity to a life of pain—pain from the abuse that he suffered in his past, and from finally understanding memories of his sister’s murder at the hands of their father.

For ex-convict David Lyle, life in the small, New England town of Kettle’s Corner was supposed to be the start of a new life—a chance for him to reconcile a rocky relationship with his two children and deal with the guilt brought on by his wife’s murder. However, what seems to begin as an opportunity for redemption quickly turns into a battle against an idolatrous society that draws supernatural power from their fanatical worship of the Shroud of Barabbas; a garment that they believe to be the death shroud of the biblically infamous insurrectionist. Help seems to come in the form of Father Robert, a blind, elderly black priest who resides in the only church in town—a church that no one has entered for over fifty years. The priest quickly earns the trust of David’s daughter, Kate. But, is Father Robert really there to help, or does he ally himself with the demon who grants an eternal and painless life of to the people of Kettle’s Corner?
In order to save Dylan, his kidnapped son, David must set aside everything about violent persuasion that his criminal past has taught him. He and his family must take on the fight of their lives—a fight in which only one of them will survive. The Shroud is a classic supernatural horror tale where escape is impossible, victory is improbable, and the line between enemies and allies is blurred.

Dunce is a reclusive technophobe who lives in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Kip is a pampered trophy husband who’s married to one of the most powerful women on Earth. Both men are living their dream. But, everything comes with a price. For Dunce, that price is occasionally being mauled by a bear. For Kip, the price is occasionally faking testicular pain to avoid lovemaking with his sixty-five year old leathery wife. After their mutual situations lead them to share a hospital room, Kip and Dunce must set aside their differences and become unlikely allies against an evil organization hell bent on turning all the world’s sex robots into brutal killers. Robotica is a futuristic comedy about a world that has been turned upside down by technological advancements and the unwilling heroes who save us all.