Fredrik Danell Johansson, MA,  specialized in global business research, building on his 2007 master’s thesis [pdf] at the Stockholm University School of Business. His work centered around how international companies are conducting advanced sourcing in China and on medical biotechnology collaborations between Canada and China. He helped to write two white papers on these topics. Fredrik has strong knowledge of business/market research and analysis, international business strategy, and risk management. His work involved in-depth company research about the international aerospace industry in China and how it is well related to advanced sourcing in China. Research on Canadian, Chinese, US and European aircraft manufacturers in China and Chinese aircraft suppliers. Examples of companies which he examined comprise AgustaWestland, Finmeccanica, EADS, Bombardier, Airbus, Eurocopter, Boeing and Aviation Industry Corporation of China. He has also conducted in-depth company research on Canadian, Chinese (Asian), US international medical bio-pharmaceutical companies strategic business and research collaborations, as well as advanced sourcing operations in China. Fredrik’s Bachelor’s thesis was completed at the Stockholm University School of Business, “The changing face of China: A study in the changing social value system of China and its implications for Swedish companies” (2006) [pdf].

Fredrik was with rhizomicon from 2008-2010, the fall of 2012, and spring of 2013. He may be contacted through his LinkedIn profile here. Fredrik was an invaluable asset to the team and he is greatly missed.

Fredrik’s Advanced Sourcing in China Conceptual Model:

Advanced Sourcing in China

Advanced Sourcing in China, by Fredrik Danell Johansson © 2010 used with permission



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