About Us

We’re experts in social media and how it affects your brand. Our approach uses a blend of art and science and we help organizations leverage the tools of the web and integrate them seamlessly with their marketing and business strategies. Our consultancy started in 2000 as thekvgroup, back when the founders lived in the towns of Cool and Pike in the Sierra Foothills of California.

Over the years, our expertise has helped firms, collaboratives, and organizations determine their marketing, communications, and social media needs through high quality research and the synthesis of its findings. Recently, we have worked on social media projects dealing with philanthropic health and tools enhancing economic development, knowledge generation, and collaborative e-commerce. We have developed tools for use in political campaigns and sustainable localvore production, marketing, and branding. We are continuing in these areas, but our emphasis in 2012 is in media, arts, and entertainment research and marketing.

Based in California and New York, rhizomicon specializes in working with our clients to tailor research projects that best serve their needs. We are flexible and nimble, allowing us to offer our services to large organizations and small startups and businesses alike.

Interested in learning more? Browse our website or contact r h i z o m i c o n for more information.


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